What To Do If You Have Been Beaten-Up or Falsely Arrested By The Police?

by Jerry L. Steering, Esq.

Some police officers really do bad things to people who don't deserve it. If the police get a call from your neighbor because you are arguing loudly with your spouse, don't be surprised if you find the police banging on your door, demanding warrantless entry into your home, and then detaining and handcuffing you. The officers will then do a "protective sweep" of your house, 4th Amendment be damned. When you object to their handcuffing and detaining you, you have now committed “contempt of cop”. Don't be surprised if you are then beaten, tased or pepper sprayed, and taken to jail. Once the police cross that line and use force upon you, you are going to jail for some fabricated “resistance offense”; especially when they toss-in a few choice lies. After all, if a police officer used force upon you, how would it look if he/she just let you go? Accordingly, the police arrest you and procure your malicious criminal prosecution, to shift the blame from them to you; for them having to use force upon you because you committed some imaginary “resistance offense”. The police are not legal scholars, but they are taught from day one that if you are convicted of such a “resistance offense”, you are now usually legally “precluded” from suing the police for their outrages perpetrated against you. Because your local Courts and District Attorneys are more than happy to help protect the police from you, by prosecuting you for some imaginary resistance offense, here is what you need to know if you are a victim of police misconduct.

What To Do If You Have Been Beaten-Up or Falsely Arrested By The Police?

by Jerry L. Steering, Esq.

Some police officers really do bad things to people who don't deserve it. When the police use excessive force on civilians or otherwise violate their constitutional rights, they routinely arrest them for some imaginary “resistance offense”; crimes that are so vague, that the police can always claim that a totally innocent person somehow “resisted” or “delayed” or “obstructed” them in the performance of their duties; California Penal Code Section 148(a)(1). Moreover, these days, if the police use substantial force upon an innocent, they arrest him/her for California Penal Code Section 69; resisting officer with force / violence; a felony. Accordingly, the police falsely arrest their victims, and procure their malicious criminal prosecutions, to shift the blame from them to their victim, for committing some crimes, that caused the officer to have to use force upon them. Moreover, the Court and your local District Attorney will be more than happy to assist the violating police officers beat you down with a bogus criminal “resistance offense” case, to get you to plead out, to preclude you from suing the police. This is the real world. If you have been the victim of police misconduct, here is what you need to do . . .

Our Police Misconduct Cases

Swastika spray-painted on back seat of Kiley Swaine's car by Torrance Police Officers

Torrance pays $750,000 for officers painting swastika on car

City will pay $750K after police allegedly drew swastika in man’s car Kiley Swaine filed a lawsuit last year accusing ...

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Truck driver gets $500,000 for wrongful arrest by San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies

Truck driver gets $500,000 for wrongful arrest by San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies ‘My guy is dumb enough to think ...

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Sarah Riggs being forced down onto sidewalk by Anaheim Police Officer Thomas Lomeli

Woman Obtains $250,000 Settlement for Anaheim Police Officer’s Unlawful Detention and Use of Excessive Force

Woman Obtains $250,000 Settlement for Anaheim Police Officer’s Unlawful Detention and Use of Excessive On April 21, 2019 at about ...

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Redding Police Officer Jacob Provencio

Redding police officer sued for sexual assault, excessive force at a DUI stop

Redding police officer sued for sexual assault, excessive force at a DUI stop Officer Jacob Provencio is accused by multiple ...

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Ex-Orange County jail inmate gets $500,000 for work assignment injury

James Spring, 62, had a hernia and should not have been forced to work in the jail kitchen, says his attorney

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David Andrews being arrested by OC Sheriffs for call 911 on them

Man Awarded $500,000 for tasing by OC deputies for calling 911 to complain about them

Man tased by OC deputies after calling 911 to complain about them gets $500,000 ‘It’s another case where the cops didn’t ...

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Robin Winger is taken from her truck during DUI arrest by Garden Grover officers. (Courtesy of Attorney Jerry Steering)

$800,000 paid to Garden Grove stroke victim mistakenly arrested for DUI

Stroke victim arrested for DUI recovers $800,000.00 from Garden Grove Police

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Derek Chauvin slowly killing George Floyd

Four Steps to Curbing Police Misconduct in the United States

We need to accept that some Police Officers Really Do Bad Things to Innocents. Curbing Police Misconduct will require us to stop trusting the Police.

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Shooting scene at the Sands Motel

Barstow Pays 1.3 Million Dollars for 2018 Police Shooting at the Sands Motel

Barstow Pays 1.3 Million Dollars for 2018 Police Shooting at the Sands Motel The City of Barstow in Southern California ...

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Riverside County has paid $450,000 to settle accusations that sheriff’s deputies beat a 70-year-old Nuevo man who was watching them arrest a driver after a police chase.

Jerry L. Steering obtains $450,000 from Riverside County for False Arrest of bystander by Deputies

Court records indicate horse-riding instructor Danny Eatherton was at home when he heard a car crash through his fence just before 10 p.m. on Jan. 13, 2018. Eatherton

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Newport Beach Falsely Arresting Woman Over a $16 Cab Ride. Jerry L. Steering Obtains $360,000 for Victim.

Newport Beach pays $360,000 settlement over a $16 cab ride that went awry Woman collects money for wrongful arrest after ...

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Anaheim Police Terminate Fleering Motorist

Anaheim Pays $2,900,000 for Police Shooting of Motorist During

Jerry Steering Obtains $2,900,000.00 for Anaheim Police Shooting in Wild Wild West Pursuit & Execution of Anaheim Man

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gwen daigle 1 cropped 222

Wrongful Death lawsuit for Oceanside Police for jailing stroke victim for public intoxication

It started with a strange feeling and a headache. Her vision blurred. The spinning started. Gwen Daigle said she got out of her parked car ...

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Investigators gather evidence at the scene of a gun battle on the 91 freeway between Brookhurst and Euclid, in Anaheim. June 22, 2008.

Norma Cortez recovered $300,000.00 from the City of Anaheim

Anaheim paid $300,000 to Norma Alicia Cortez-Gomez, 32, and her mother, Teresa Gomez, 53, who were ensnared in traffic on the eastbound 91 freeway on June 23, 2008, Newport Beach lawyer Jerry Steering said.

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Butano Cartoon from OC Weekly

County of Orange Pays $727,500.00 To Settle Civil Rights Lawsuit

South County woman said deputies stormed her house, jailed her and seized her children because she wouldn’t come to the door.

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Elisha "Skip" Torrance

Man stunned by deputies in his bedroom gets $380,000

Man stunned by deputies in his bedroom gets $380,000.00 Skip Torrance recently settled a lawsuit with the county and Laguna ...

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Santana High School Police Misconduct

Retired cop awarded $220,000.00 against San Diego County for false arrest for gun possession

A retired California Highway Patrol officer who had a permit to carry a gun onto a Santee high school campus is suing the Sheriff’s Department for false arrest, excessive force and unlawful search and seizure, among other claims.

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Ninth Circuit court room -Richard H. Chambers U.S. Courthouse

No Longer Can Detain Innocents During Arrests of Others

Merritt L. Sharp III has a strained relationship with police, which keep detaining him either at gun point ...

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Police Misconduct Attorney

The most common reason for the police to beat you, falsely arrest you and procure your malicious criminal prosecution for a “Resistance Offense”, is when you “Fail the Attitude Test”; when you commit “Contempt of Cop”. “Contempt of Cop” is simply a civilian verbally questioning, challenging or protesting police actions. They procure your bogus criminal prosecution to shift the blame from them to you for their use of force upon you. Mr. Steering is an expert & specialist in defending bogus criminal “Contempt of Cop” (i.e. resisting arrest, battery on peace officer) cases, and in suing police officers for “Contempt of Cop” / "Bruised Ego" constitutional violations such as:

  • Excessive Force / Police Brutality
  • False Arrest (Cal. Penal Code §§ 69, 148(a)(1), 243(b))
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • First Amendment Whistle Blower Violations

Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Police Lawsuit Awards & Settlements

  • Penaloza v. City of Anaheim, U.S. District Court (Orange County); $2,900,000.00 settlement for excessive force
  • Gomez v. County of Orange, et al., U.S. Dist. Court, Central District of California (Los Angeles), $2,163,799.53, settlement for unreasonable force [wrongful death] of convicted jail inmate
  • Sharp v. City of Garden Grove, Orange County Superior Court, $1,010,000.00 (jury verdict) for excessive force and false arrest;.
  • Moore, et al. v. City of Desert Hot Springs, Riverside County Superior Court, $825,000.00 (trial settlement) for excessive force and false arrest;.
  • Winger v. City of Garden Grove, U.S. District Court (Orange County); $800,000.00 jury verdict $800,000.00 for false arrest;.
  • Swaine v. City of Torrance; U.S. District Court (L.A.); $750,000.00 settlement for painting swastika on car;.
  • Butano v. County of Orange; U.S. District Court (L.A.); $727,500.00 final settlement for false arrest and unreasonable force;.
  • Jimenez v. County of San Diego, U.S. District Court (San Diego); $500,000.00 settlement for excessive force.
  • Montano v. USA; U.S. District Court (L.A.) 2015; $500,000.00 for wrongful death of dialysis patient.

Jerry L. Steering

Civil Rights Lawyer Specializing in Police Misconduct and Criminal Defense; Suing Police Officers and Others for Violating Your Federal Constitutional Rights. Make the wrong step and you are out. We know where to step.

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Chained official in prison with briefcase and coffee mug in hands desperatly trying to break free. Illustration of stressed and desperat working man where´s work feel lika prison. Break free, break chains and yearn for freedom or better work.

Criminal Resistance Offense Defense Attorney

Jerry L. Steering has been practicing criminal law since 1984 (in California since 1986.) He has tried and otherwise litigated ...

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Photo of Justices of the United States Supreme Court in Washington, DC on November 30, 2018

Suing the Police; The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871

Civil Rights Cases under 42 U.S.C. § 1983; The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871. Jerry L. Steering is a ...

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Contempt of Cop * Resisting Arrest Cases

Resisting Arrest Cases In California Jerry L. Steering is a Police Misconduct Specialist & Expert in Contempt of Cop * ...

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Police Misconduct litigation is very complicated. The law in this area is complex, confusing and takes many years of litigation and appellate experience to ferret out which cases are likely to prevail in court, and which ones probably will not. The law is not what the average citizen might expect, and new and expanded immunities for police officers and other government officials are growing exponentially.

We are not fortune tellers but our three plus decades of experience in this area may help you in your quest for justice.

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