POLICE MISCONDUCT ATTORNEY NEWPORT BEACHNewport Beach Police Misconduct Attorney & Specialist in Suing the Police.

Jerry L. Steering is a Newport Beach Police Misconduct Attorney & Specialist in Suing the Police.

Mr. Steering has been suing the Newport Beach police and other Southern California police agencies since 1986. The Newport Beach Police Department is a often a cruel and brutal agency. There is almost no limit what they will do to protect themselves from the victims of their outrages. They beat, falsely arrest and procure the malicious criminal prosecutions of their victims.


Innocent man being arrested for verbally challenging police authority

Newport Beach Police have a long history of falsely arresting, beating and killing innocents. If you want to get beaten-up and falsely arrested by the police, just go to Newport Beach on the 4th of July, make some noise and see what happens. Chances are that you will be falsely arrested and minimally roughed-up, and then taken in a Paddy Wagon to jail for public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Newport Beach Police Falsely Arrest and Beat Innocent Lady Over $16.00 Cab Ride.

For example in Ashley Watts v. City of Newport Beach, Newport Beach Police Department police officers were summoned to Ashley Watts’ apartment complex, in response to a call for service for a taxi driver complaining that Ms. Watts didn’t pay for her $16.00 cab ride.

When the NBPD officers arrived at the scene, they taxi driver complained that Ashley Watts’ credit card had been declined, due to fraudulent activity on the credit card. The credit card company had issued Ashley Watts a new credit card to replace the one deactivated, but when she left her home that night, she accidentally grabbed the old credit card.

Ashley Watts

The officers told Ms. Watts that they would not permit her to go to her apartment to get the cash to pay for the cab ride, and that if she didn’t pay the cabbie now that she was going to jail.

When the officers finally allowed her to go to her apartment to get the cash to pay the cabbie, the officers then walked inside behind her. When Ms. Watts told them that she didn’t invite them the officers closed the door behind them and told Ms. Watts “Then you’re going to jail”. The officers then slammed Ms. Watts against the wall of her apartment, slammed her on the floor and took her to jail. See, Newport Beach Pays $360,000 to Woman Falsely Arrested over $16 Cab Ride.

Mr. Steering’s other Orange County Cases; Police Shootings.

Anaheim Police Terminate Fleering MotoristPenaloza v. City of Anaheim. Mr. Steering obtained $2,900,000.00 for the family of Eliuth Penaloza, for Anaheim police officers shooting him through their own windshield, while he fled in his truck after pointing his pellet gun (that looked real) at them in an auto pursuit. See, Anaheim to pay $2.9 million for police shooting that killed fleeing driver, Anaheim to pay $2.9 million for police shooting that killed fleeing driver, Orange County Register, April 16, 2020.

Mr. Steering’s other Orange County Cases; Jail Death Cases.

Jesse Gomez v. County of Orange. Jason Gomez was incarcerated at the Orange County Jail on a Probation Violation. The jail refused to provide Mr. Gomez with his psych medications for five days. This caused him to return to a semi-psychotic state. When the jail nurse finally handed him his medication through the jail bars, he grabbed her arm and broke it. The jail deputies proceeded to perform a cell extraction, and Jason Gomez he fought them from doing so. The deputies then placed Mr. Gomez in a jail restraint chair with his hands behind him, that suffocated him from positional asphyxia; in this case known as a Palestinian Hanging. See, Family gets $2.1 million in jail death.

Mr. Steering is also a Specialist in Resistance Offense cases like Resisting Arrest (Cal Penal Code 148(a)(1)), Battery on Officer (Cal Penal Code 242/243(b)) and other crimes against police officers. Police Misconduct victims should see What To Do If You Have Been Beaten-Up Or False Arrested By The Police“.

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