Jerry L. Steering, is a Police Misconduct Attorney that represents Civil Rights Victims in Laguna Hills in OC and throughout Southern California.


Mr. Steering has been Defending bogus Criminal Cases and Suing Police Officers for Violating your Constitutional Rights since 1984, for Excessive Force, Police Brutality, False Arrests, Malicious Prosecutions, K-9 Maulings, Police Beatings and Shootings and Wrongful Death Cases.

Because most of the time when the police beat-up and falsely arrest civilians, they at least attempt to procure the bogus criminal prosecution of their victims.

Laguna Hills may be an upscale city with plenty of affluent residents, but the City of Laguna Hills contracts with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for their police services. These deputies start their deputy sheriffs duties by working a few years in the Orange County Jails, where they view everyone as a dirt bag, and where they learn how to treat those dirt bags the right way.

Also, contrary to popular belief, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department can often be a brutal agency that routinely falsely arrests and maliciously prosecute its victims.

Orange County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Isaac Felter
Orange County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Isaac Felter. The Sheriff’s Department unsuccessfully tried to fire him for false arrests and brutality during his assignment to Laguna Hills, butt he won his Arbitration with the County. Instead of making him a Court Bailiff, where he can’t really hurt anyone, that made him a Sergeant.

It’s not that the Sheriff’s Department are all maniacs who pick fights with civilians. It’s just that a few of them really are such maniacs, and that their fellow deputies will lie, cheat, author false reports and perjure themselves to protect their fellow cop.

This is exactly the situation in Laguna Hills, especially when some detainee or arrestee tells the Sheriffs Deputy that he knows his / her rights, and that their treatment by the deputies violates them. They really don’t like being told that, and they will let you know that very soon, such as beating you or fabricating some bogus “resistance offense”, such as violation of Cal. Penal Code § 148(a)(1) (resisting / obstructing / delaying peace officer; “The Boot of the Police State“), and Cal. Penal Code § 69 (“The Hammer of Oppression“).

If you have been the victim of a false arrest, the use of excessive force, a malicious criminal prosecution, retaliation for exercise of your First Amendment rights (i.e. a “Contempt of Cop” arrest for verbally protesting or challenging the officer’s conduct) or some other incident of Police Misconduct, please give us a call.

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