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Jerry L. Steering is a Police Misconduct Attorney who has a long history of suing the Fontana Police Department and other police agencies in San Bernardino County and throughout California since 1986.

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The Fontana Police Department is one of the most brutal and corrupt police agencies in Southern California; among the worst. They beat and falsely arrest innocents just about every day for mere failure to immediately comply with their orders or for verbal protests of the same. Mr. Steering has been suing the Fontana Police Department and other police agencies in Southern California since the mid 1980s.

CBS-News-KCAL-Piece-on-Thomas-Perez-caseIn 2024 Mr. Steering obtained $900,000.00 from the City of Fontana for Fontana Police Using “Psychological Torture” to torment an innocent man to confess to killing his father, after the man called in a missing person report on his elderly father. See, Fontana Police “Psychologically Tortured” Man to Falsely Confess to Killing His Father.

Thomas Perez, Jr. reported his elderly father, Thomas Perez, Sr., went for a walk with their dog the night before, and the dog came home but Thomas Perez, Sr. didn’t.

The Fontana Police Detectives immediately entertained the possibility that Thomas Perez, Jr. killed his father, because Thomas Perez, Sr. left his cellphone and his wallet at their home.

The Detectives took Thomas Perez, Jr. to the Fontana Police Department and subjected him to a brutal 17 hours interrogation, including them telling Thomas Thomas Perez, Jr. ripping shirt from psychological torturePerez, Jr. that they found his father’s dead body, that he had been murdered, that they had overwhelming evidence that he was the murderer, that he was going to prison for life, and, that they were going to euthanize his beloved dog. See, video clips of interrogation at Fontana pays $900,000 settlement after police interrogate man for 17 hours, CBS News on KCBS,

The Fontana Police Detectives learned “psychological tortured” Thomas Perez, Jr. to the point of literally pulling his hair our and to attempted suicide at the station.

Even after the Fontana PD Detectives found out that Thomas Perez, Sr. was alive and well, waiting to board a flight to Oakland, California to see his daughter, rather than tell Thomas Perez, Jr. that they found his father, alive and well, they withheld that information from him, committed him to the mental hospital on a 72-hour suicide hold, and told the hospital staff not to allow his to speak to anyone, causing him to believe for the next three days that his father had been murdered, that he was going to prison for life for the murder and that they were going to euthanize his dog.

Thomas Perez, Jr. lawyer, Jerry L. Steering commented: ““In my 40 years of suing the police I have never seen that level of deliberate cruelty by the police,”  . . . “After what I saw on the video of what they did to him, I now know that the police can get [anyone] to confess to killing Abe Lincoln.” See, Police pressured him to confess to a murder that never happened. Now, Fontana will pay him $900,000, Los Angeles Times, May 24, 2024.

Beyond the Thomas Perez, Jr. case, Fontana PD love hands-on clubbing of those citizens who dare to question their authority or fail to do what they ordered you to do immediately. This is no joke.

No one at the Fontana Police Department is “watching the watchman”. The only “rule” at Fontana PD is “Never rat on your fellow officer“. They are literally gangsters with badges.

If you have violated by a Fontana Police Officer or an Officer or Deputy Sheriff from some other jurisdiction, call Jerry L. Steering.

Suing Police Officers for Violating your Constitutional Rights since 1984 for Excessive Force, Police Brutality, False Arrest, Malicious Prosecution, K-9 Maulings, Police Beatings and Shootings and Wrongful Death, Concealing & Destroying Exculpatory Evidence and Whistle Blower Retaliation. Tel: (949) 474-1849.

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