Jerry L. Steering, Esq. – Specialist In Suing Police Officers Since 1984. The Young Lawyer Knows the Law, the Old Lawyer Knows the Judge.”

Mr. Steering has been suing the police officers for false arrest, excessive force and malicious prosecution cases since 1984. He has also defended bogus criminal “resistance offense’ case since 1984. 

In the real world, with real judges and real juries, if you cannot get a jury of cop-loving conservative people to vote for you and against the defendant police officers, then you have no rights, because you have no way to enforce those rights. In order to get a jury of cop-loving conservative people to vote for you and against the defendant police officers, you need an experienced Police Misconduct / Civil Rights lawyer like Mr. Steering to guide your ship to port; to win your case; to enforce your rights. This is no easy task.

The only people who get to sit as jurors in Police Misconduct cases are people who believe that police offices are basically good and honest people, with a few bad apples. People who believe otherwise, are routinely excluded as jurors in Police Misconduct cases, jurors excused for cause by the judge, or by way of peremptory jury strikes by the lawyers defending the police in your Civil Rights case.

It takes many years of experience in these Police Misconduct Civil Rights cases to be able to actual enforce your rights; to win your case. Mr. Steering has handled hundreds of these Police Misconduct Civil Rights cases, and knows what to do to maximize your chances of enforcing your rights; of winning your case.

Mr. Steering is also a published legal scholar on important topics of Constitutional Law. See, Accomplice Accusations in the Criminal Process – The Application of Sixth Amendment Tests for the Reliability of Hearsay Evidence to Probable Cause Determinations; 16 Rutgers L..J. (1984-1985), and he well understands the subtleties and practical realities of guiding your bogus criminal prosecution to a successful outcome, and thereafter suing the police for falsely arresting and beating you, and having the gaul to then procure your bogus criminal prosecution for some “resistance offense”, to shift the blame from him / her to you, for their having to have broken your skull open with their baton.

There’s an old saying in the legal profession: “A young lawyer knows the law, and an old lawyer knows the Judge.”

Mr. Steering knows, or knows about, most of the Article III United States District Judges in federal court in the Southern California area; especially those District Judges in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. The Central District of California includes Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernadino County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and San Lus Obispo County.

Mr. Steering knows which U.S. District Judge is going to be sympathetic to persons suing the police, and those who are not. You cannot “Judge Shop” in federal court; you don’t get to pick your judge. Moreover, unfortunately, a judge can pretty much make a case result in a verdict, for or against police misconduct victims.

You may get the Judge reversed, or even admonished by an Appellate Court, but there are certain District Judges (and, unfortunately, Court of Appeals Judges, who feel compelled to torpedo your case. If you getting a deliberately unfair trial from a District Judge and lose the same, don’t believe that the United States Court of Appeals (in the Western States, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals), is necessarily going to come to your rescue.  

Mr. Steering understands the ever changing legal landscape, and understands how to play this Contempt of Cop game to get you justice; both in the form of vindication in the bogus criminal action brought against you, and compensation and vindication in the form of monetary compensation for the police outrages perpetrated against you.

Mr. Steering’s law practice serving Southern California. Mr. Steering is also licensed to practice law in the State of Georgia and has practiced in federal courts outside of California pro hac vice, including the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Mr. Steering is also a Members of the Bars of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court (since 1987).

The majority of Mr. Steering’s firm’s law practice is defending bogus “contempt of cop” criminal actions, usually followed by Mr. Steering filing and prosecuting lawsuits against the very same police officers who beat-up, falsely arrested and falsely accused the innocent of criminal conduct, to protect themselves and their employing agency from liability to the innocent for their outrages.

Most of Mr. Steering’s criminal and civil cases involve core Bill of Rights type issues; the difference between living in a free society of a police state. Most of these federal civil rights cases involve police violation of person(s) fourth amendment rights (i.e unreasonable searches of persons and their places and effects, and unreasonable seizures of person (false arrest and unreasonable force, procuring bogus and malicious criminal prosecutions) and first amendment violations (retaliation for protected speech and to petition for redress and various other “Constitutional Torts” , including police whistleblowing cases (Cal. Labor Code Section 1102.5.)

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Jerry L. Steering, Esq., Suing Bad Cops And Defending Bogus Criminal Cases Since 1984

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