Palm Springs Police CarPalm Springs Woman Awarded $375,000 for Ride to Police Station and Ride Home

June 27, 2023

Newport Beach, CA

The City of Palm Springs has paid $375,000.00 to a Coachella Valley woman and her minor daughter for her being arrested at her Palm Springs home, driven to the Palm Springs Police Department police station, and very shortly thereafter being driven home by the Patrol Sergeant, her lawyer, Newport Beach Attorney Jerry L. Steering announced on Tuesday.

On September 5, 2020, Amy N. Barnett called the non-emergency number of the Palm Springs Police Department to request a peaceful exchange of custody of her five-year old daughter to her estranged husband. 

When Palm Springs Police Department police officer Michael Delaney and his partner arrived at Amy Barnett’s Palm Springs home, Officer Delaney wrongfully told Amy Barnett that a temporary restraining order was in place that enjoined her from being present at her home—something not true. A review of that temporary restraining order shows exactly that.

The temporary restraining order was obtained in a bogus efforts to obtain child custody by Amy Barnett’s estranged husband. Moreover the Temporary Restraining Order that was served upon Amy Barnett clearly stated that the facts complained of “did not rise to stay away or move out”:

Amy Barnett was then arrested and forced into a Palm Springs Police Department patrol car, as plaintiff’s estranged husband then snatched her daughter from the back of patrol car, and as Amy Barnett’s daughter was flailing her arms and legs screaming for her mother.

Thereafter, Amy Barnett was transported to the Palm Springs Police Department police station by Officer Delaney. However, when Officer Delaney was taking Amy Barnett to the police station, he became aware that she had not been restrained from going to or occupying her home.

Officer Delaney pulled into the Sally Port of the police station, went inside to speak to his Sergeant as to what to do, and the Sergeant and Officer Delaney came outside and released Amy Barnett from the patrol car and from police custody.

Amy Barnett was then driven in the back of the patrol car back to her home by the patrol Sergeant, and was released from custody.

Jerry L. Steering, Esq.

Amy Barnett v. City of Palm Springs, United States District Court, Central District of California Case Number Case No.:  5:21-CV-00386-JWH-(KKx)