ATTORNEY Brenton Whitney Aitken Hands

Brenton Whitney Aitken Hands is an OC, California native, and a great up and coming young lawyer.

Mr. Aitken Hands is a 2015 graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law.  Mr. Hands is an excellent legal writer and has already made his mark on the Southern California legal community with his accomplished appellate practice; especially his excellent advocacy before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He already has two Published Opinions with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals; decisions of great importance to the cause of liberty and freedom in the Western states; Merritt L. Sharp III v. County of Orange and Kimberly Zion v. County of Orange. Mr. Hands also won other Unpublished Ninth Circuit cases.

Mr. Hands has also written fantastic motions in federal civil rights and state court criminal cases; one of which recently resulted in the OC District Attorney’s folding on a case involving a 36 year old man who was accused of murdering his grandmother; People of the State of California v. Michael Wesley Baker (i.e. time served on lesser charge with no parole or probation).

This guy is just a brilliant young lawyer.

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