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Jerry L. Steering, is an Orange County Police Misconduct Attorney and an Expert and Specialist in Police Misconduct Law in Orange County , California. Because most people in Orange County have blind faith in the police, false arrests, the use of unlawful and excessive force and malicious criminal prosecutions are rampant.Orange County Police Misconduct Attorney Jerry L. Steering has been suing police officers and has been defending bogus criminal resisting arrest and battery on peace officers cases since 1984.

These “Contempt of Cop cases” are all too common these days as the courts have since 1968, case-by-case, allowed the police to have more and power.  The police can order you around and to do with you what they wish to at their whim.


The police used to need “probable cause” to believe that you committed a crime, to restrain or detain you in any way. Then, in Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968) the Supreme Court for the first time reduced the constitution’s literal “probable cause” standard, to “reasonable suspicion of criminality affoot”, to seize a civilian and search them. Since Terry , it’s been all downhill. Terry , was really only, and was only intended to be a “stop and frisk” case. It only gave the police the right to detain someone, because they had reasonable suspicion that the person just commited, was committing or were about to commit a crime, and, that they knew of articulable facts to support a reasonable belief that the person was armed and dangerous.

If you give the police an inch they will take a mile. Although Terry was only a stop and frisk case, the courts quickly used Terry to justify detentions without any suspicion of the civilian being armed or dangerous. Thereafter, pointing guns at suspects, ordering them to the ground, handcuffing persons, using physical force or restraint on persons, became more and more common and accepted by the courts; again because of bad rulings in criminal suppression motion cases.


These days, the Supreme Court had gutted basic Fourth Amendment “search & seizure” constitutional protections. They have done this because they don’t want to suppress incriminating evidence in criminal cases. If the courts find that the police obtain evidence unconstitutionally, since 1961 the states must generally exclude that evidence at trial. See, Mapp v. Ohio,367 U.S. 643 (1961).

Society changes and so do legal standards; standards that even “originalist constitutional advocates” are too proud and to politically committed to their political jingle to admit that 99.9999999% of constitutional law is made up by the courts. The Bill of Rights was ratified by the states in 1791. There is no way that the Our Founding Fathers would have believed that the Sixth Amendment’s “Right to Counsel” clause, to include the right to a government paid for free criminal defense lawyer (Public Defender) if you could not afford one. That right wasn’t established under 1963 in Gideon v. Wainwright, 372 U.S. 335 (1963).


Thirty years ago if a police officer proned one out on the ground at gunpoint, that officer could not legally do so without having probable cause to believe that the person seized committed a serious violent felony. In these modern times they really don’t need anything more than a bare suspicion of any sort of criminal conduct. The court’s have excused police compliance with the Fourth Amendment’s Probable Cause requirement to seize a person if they claim that it somehow enhanced “Officer’s Safety”. That’s why the police think that they can order you around and that your failure to immediately comply with their “lawful orders” deserves getting slammed to the ground and beaten, falsely arrested and falsely and maliciously criminally prosecuted.


Orange County, California had a Sheriff’s Department that was run by Sheriff Mike Carona, who was released from federal prison in 2015 for witness tampering (instructing witness (Assistant Sheriff Don Haidl) to lie to a federal Grand Jury.) Carona was the Head Marshall for the Orange County Marshall’s Office, that used to serve as the bailiffs and the court security personnel at the Orange County Courthouse. The County Marshall’s Office used to also serve “civil process” and executed arrest warrants.

Until Sheriff Carona went to prison, Orange County was a fantasy assignment for those truly sadistic peace officers, who “get-off” on beating inmates and arrestees. Carona’s Assistant Sheriffs, George Jaramillo and Don Haidl were both criminally prosecuted.

Mike Carona was the former head Orange County Marshall before the Sheriff’s Department took over Court Services, such as bailiffs in the Court rooms. He was never a line / street cop. When Sheriff Carona ran for Sheriff his campaign and political tactics were influenced to commit unlawful acts by the same two Gentlemen who did the same with the 1998 campaign for District Attorney. Gabriel Nassar and Eugene Abbadessa convinced both newly elected Sheriff Carona and newly elected District Attorney Tony Rackauckas both “sold” bages (Carona; Deputy Sheriff’s badges [Reserve]) and “Commissioner” badges (for the Tony Rackauckas Foundation) for a $5,000.00 “constribution”.

Following Sheriff Mike Carona’s conviction for witness tampering (and his trip to federal prison), Sandra

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens has announced her retirement in the wake of the Orange County Jailhouse Snitch Scandal

Hutchens was appointed by the Orange County Board of Supervisors in 2008, and thereafter elected Sheriff in 2010.

Although Sheriff Hutchens really did dramatically reduce the incidents of beatings of inmates by jail deputies, and also somewhat reduced the level of brutality being inflicted upon innocents and others by sheriff’s department deputies on the streets, she brought trouble with her from Los Angeles, and that trouble has finally been exposed.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office have been involved in felonious, unconstitutional and tortious conduct by using jail house informants to obtain incriminating statements from jail inmates. See, Jail informant scandal: O.C. sheriff apologizes but says any misconduct was limited to ‘a few’ deputies, Los Angeles Times, May 23, 2017.


Mr. Steering specializes in defending bogus criminal cases and suing police officers for violating your constitutional rights since 1984, for excessive force, police brutality, false arrest, malicious prosecution, K-9 maulings, police shootings and wrongful death, concealing & destroying evidence and whistle blower retaliation. Tel: (949) 474-1849.


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