Police Misconduct AttorneyHow to Beat a Controlled Buy? 

It’s simple; go after the police. All that they do, day in and day out, is lie, lie, and lie. They lie to the people before they arrest them, to be able to arrest them. They lie on search warrant affidavits; no joke. They know that Judges don’t read their search warrant or arrest warrant affidavits, and routinely sign off on the requested warrant without reading a page. That also is no joke.

Through the Pitchess Motion procedures in a California criminal action, one can obtain a limited amount of Peace Officer Personnel Records. That may help to some degree. However, civil actions against the police are far more effective for obtaining more far reaching information about the officers who are attempt to convict or even frame you. We can help expose the truth.

Don’t get framed; get paid instead. Defending bogus Criminal Cases and Suing Police Officers for Violating your Constitutional Rights since 1984 for Excessive Force,  Police Brutality, False Arrest, Malicious Prosecution, Police K-9 Maulings, Police Beatings and Shootings and Wrongful Death, Concealing or Destroying Evidence and Retaliation. Serving Southern California. Available 24 Hours a Day! Tel: (949) 474-1849.