Long Beach Police Corruption – “Somali Pirates” Of Long Beach

Men Use Friends At Long Beach Police Department To Take Over Bar They Don’t Own

On September 24, 2017 Long Beach Police Department Officers accompanied a private group of investors to the iconic Acapulco Inn on 2nd Street in Long Beach, California to commandeer that bar and restaurant and physically ejected the actual owners of the bar. The investor group had purchased the interest of a former owner of the bar from the United States Bankruptcy Court. The problem is that the former owner had sold his interest in the bar to the present owners, so the investor group ended-up purchasing a worthless interest in the bar.

Being frustrated with their worthless shares purchased from the Bankruptcy Court, the investor group and their lawyer enlisted the help of their friends at the Long Beach Police Department to actually physically enter the bar and under threat of arrest, eject the actual owners of the bar for five weeks until a Judge restored the rightful owners to the premises.

The actions of the Long Beach Police constitute nothing short of stealing the bar from its rightful owners and is the subject of a lawsuit against the City of Long Beach.