Bad Apple Cop List for Lawyers And Pro Per Litigants to Assist Your Case

If you are the victim of an old fashion police beating and its accompanying false arrest you may very well benefit from Our Bad Apple Cop List. Our Bad Apple Cop List is a compilation of Mr. Steering’s experience with suing police officers and defending bogus resistance offense cases since 1984, and since 1986 in California. Mr. Steering has hundreds of paper, .pdf and video depositions of police officers and deputy sheriffs throughout Southern California.

Cal. Evidence Code Section 1103 permits a criminal defendant to introduce traits of the character of the alleged victim of the crime that the defendant is accused of to show the trier of fact that the involved police officer acted pursuant to that character. Accordingly, if you are accused of battery on a peace officer or resisting a police officer Section 1103 allows you to show that the cop was the violent aggressor and, therefore, you were the real victim; not the cop.

The police officers listed in our Bad Apple Cop List are from Mr. Steering’s personal experience in either suing them or in defending bogus criminal cases procured by them. Mr. Steering has also taken the depositions of quite a few Deputy District Attorneys in Southern California, and is very familiar with the policies, procedures and the types of systems and evidence that is available from many Southern California police agencies.

If you have a Bad Apple Cop that you would like to add to our ever growing bank of bad cops, please email us with that information. If you would like information on a particular police officer or deputy sheriff, please contact us at, and we will do what we can for you.

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