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Jerry L. Steering, Esq., is a Police Misconduct Attorney, serving, among other places, Riverside County and the Riverside County cities shown below, as well as Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. He has been suing police officers, and defending bogus criminal cases of crimes against police officers for over 28 years. The majority of our firm’s law practice, is suing police officers and other government officials, for claims such as false arrest, police brutality / excessive force, malicious prosecution, and other “Constitutional Torts.” False arrests by police officers are almost always the product of either sheer incompetence (i.e. the police arrest another for conduct that isn’t criminal), or of the police officer attempting to justify his unlawful conduct, by arresting and then framing their victim (i.e. false police reports, perjurous court testimony, false convictions) of his federal criminal (18 U.S.C. § 242), and otherwise tortious misconduct (i.e. if the police use unreasonable / unlawful force on a civilian, the use of force is almost always followed by a false arrest.)


The Law Offices of Jerry L. Steering is proud to serve all areas of Riverside County, including the cities shown below.


Mr. Steering has been suing police officers, and defending bogus criminal cases of crimes against police officers, since 1984. The majority of the Steering firm’s law practice, is suing police officers and other government officials, for “Constitutional Torts” such as false arrest, police brutality / excessive force and malicious prosecution.


Because of institutional pressures (i.e. “ratting out fellow officer not a good career move), and the obvious political and practical consequences of not backing-up the their fellow officers (i.e. false testimony and false police reports), the norm in today’s police profession, is for peace officers to falsely arrest, and procure the bogus criminal prosecution (i.e. to literally “frame”) of those civilians, whose Constitutional rights and basic human dignity have been violated. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is especially disgraceful when it comes to abusing civilians and framing them for crimes that they didn’t commit, to protect their deputy sheriffs from civil, disciplinary and criminal liability.


Jerry L. Steering has successfully sued the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department over the years. Most recently, Mr. Steering has obtained settlements against the County of Riverside for wrongfully tasing a former Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Sheriff [Torres v. County of Riverside, U.S. District Court, Central District of California (Riverside)(2010), $500,000.00], and for using unreasonable force and falsely arresting a 64 year old man [Chynoweth v. County of Riverside et al., Riverside County Superior Court (2011), $750,000.00.]  


Mr. Steering also obtained an $825,000.00 from the Riverside County City of Desert Hot Springs, for unreasonable force and false arrest (Moore, et al. v. City of Desert Hot Springs, Riverside County Superior Court (2012).)


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Law Offices of Jerry L. Steering


Jerry L. Steering, Esq.


Riverside County Cities Served:

City of Banning P.O. Box 998 City Manager: Andy Takata Phone: (951) 922-3105 Website: www.ci.banning.ca.us Banning CA 922200998 City Clerk: Marie A. Calderon Fax: (951) 922-3128 E-Mail: cityadministration@ci.banning.ca.us

City of Beaumont 550 E. 6th Street City Manager: Alan Kapanicas Phone: (951) 769-8520 Website: www.ci.beaumont.ca.us Beaumont CA 92223 City Clerk: Karen Thompson Fax: (951) 769-8526 E-Mail: cityhall@ci.beaumont.ca.us

City of Blythe 235 N. Broadway Avenue City Manager: David Lane Phone: (760) 922-6161 Website: www.cityofblythe.ca.gov Blythe CA 92225 City Clerk: Patti Whitney Fax: (760) 922-4938 E-Mail: use website

City of Calimesa 908 Park Avenue City Manager: Randy Anstine Phone: (909) 795-9801 Website: www.cityofcalimesa.net Calimesa CA 92320 City Clerk: Darlene Gerdes Fax: (909) 795-4399 E-Mail: dgerdes@cityofcalimesa.net

City of Canyon Lake 31516 Railroad Canyon Rd. City Manager: Richard Rowe, Interim Phone: (951) 244-2955 Website: www.cityofcanyonlake.com Canyon Lake CA 92587 City Clerk: Deborah Harrington Fax: (951) 246-2022 E-Mail: info@cityofcanyonlake.com

City of Cathedral City 68700 Avenida Lalo Guerrero City Manager: Donald Bradley Phone: (760) 770-0340 Website: www.cathedralcity.gov Cathedral City CA 92234 City Clerk: Pat Hammers Fax: (760) 770-0399 E-Mail: phammers@cathedralcity.gov

City of Coachella 1515 Sixth Street City Manager: David Garcia Phone: (760) 398-3502 Website: www.coachella.org Coachella CA 92236 City Clerk: Isabel Castillon Fax: (760) 398-8117 E-Mail:

City of Corona 400 S. Vicentia Avenue City Manager: Brad Robbins Phone: (951) 736-2400 Website: www.ci.corona.ca.us Corona CA 92882 City Clerk: Lisa Mobley, Chief Dep. Fax: (951) 736-2399 E-Mail: cityclrk@ci.corona.ca.us

City of Desert Hot Springs 65950 Pierson Blvd. City Manager: Rick Daniels Phone: (760) 329-6411 Website: www.desert-hot-springs.us Desert Hot Springs CA 92240 City Clerk: Cynthia Lugo Fax: (760) 288-3129 E-Mail: info@deserthotsprings.com

City of Eastvale 6080 Hamner Ave. City Manager: Robert L. Van Nort Phone: (951) 361-0900 Website: www.ci.eastvale.ca.us Eastvale CA 91752 City Clerk: Judy Haughney Fax: (951) 361-0888 E-Mail: rvannort@ci.eastvale.ca.u 8/17/2012 2

City of Hemet 445 East Florida Avenue City Manager: Mark Orme, Interim Phone: (951) 765-2300 Website: www.cityofhemet.com Hemet CA 92543 City Clerk: Sarah McComas Fax: (951) 765-3785 E-Mail: smccomas@cityofhemet.org

City of Indian Wells 44-950 Eldorado Drive City Manager: Greg Johnson Phone: (760) 346-2489 Website: www.cityofindianwells.org Indian Wells CA 922107497 City Clerk: Anna Grandys Fax: (760) 346-0407 E-Mail: use website email

City of Indio P.O. Drawer 1788 City Manager: Dan Martinez Phone: (760) 391-4000 Website: www.indio.org Indio CA 92202 City Clerk: Cynthia Hernandez Fax: (760) 391-4008 E-Mail: cityclerk@indio.org

City of Jurupa Valley 8304 Limonite Av., Suite M City Manager: Stephen Harding Phone: (951) 332-6464 Website: jurupavalley.org Jurupa Valley CA 92509 City Clerk: Vicki Wasko Fax: E-Mail: cityclerk@jurupavalley.org

City of La Quinta P.O. Box 1504 City Manager: Frank J. Spevacek Phone: (760) 777-7000 Website: www.la-quinta.org La Quinta CA 92247 City Clerk: Veronica Montecino Fax: (760) 777-7107 E-Mail: cityclerk@la-quinta.org

City of Lake Elsinore 130 S. Main Street City Manager: Tom Evans, Interim Phone: (951) 674-3124 Website: www.lake-elsinore.org Lake Elsinore CA 92530 City Clerk: Virgina Bloom Fax: (951) 674-2392 E-Mail: cityhall@lake-elsinore.org

City of Menifee 29683 New Hub Drive, Suite C City Manager: Bill Rawlings Phone: (951) 672-6777 Website: www.cityofmenifee.us Menifee CA 92586 City Clerk: Kathy Bennett Fax: (951) 679-3843 E-Mail: cityhall@cityofmenifee.us

City of Moreno Valley 14177 Frederick Street City Manager: Henry T. Garcia Phone: (951) 413-3000 Website: www.ci.moreno-valley.ca.us Moreno Valley CA 92553 City Clerk: Jane Halstead Fax: (951) 413-3750 E-Mail: contactus@moval.org

City of Murrieta One Town Square City Manager: Rick Dudley Phone: (951) 304-2489 Website: www.murrieta.org 24601 Jefferson Avenue Murrieta CA 92562 City Clerk: A. Kay Vinson Fax: (951) 698-9885 E-Mail: kvinson@murrieta.org

City of Norco 2870 Clark Avenue City Manager: Beth Groves Phone: (951) 735-3900 Website: www.ci.norco.ca.us Norco CA 92860 City Clerk: Brenda Jacobs Fax: (951) 270-5622 E-Mail: bjacobs@ci.norco.ca.us

City of Palm Desert 73-510 Fred Waring Drive City Manager: John Wohlmuth Phone: (760) 346-0611 Website: www.cityofpalmdesert.org Palm Desert CA 92260 City Clerk: Rachelle Klassen Fax: (760) 340-0574 E-Mail: info@ci.palm-desert.ca.us 8/17/2012 3

City of Palm Springs 3200 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way City Manager: David H. Ready Phone: (760) 323-8299 Website: www.palmspringca.gov Palm Springs CA 92262 City Clerk: James Thompson Fax: (760) 322-8332 E-Mail: cityclerk@palmsprings-ca.gov

City of Perris 101 North “D” Street City Manager: Richard Belmudez Phone: (951) 943-6100 Website: www.cityofperris.org Perris CA 92570 City Clerk: Judy Haughney Fax: (951) 943-4246 E-Mail: use website form

City of Rancho Mirage 69-825 Hwy. 111 City Manager: Randal K. Byder Phone: (760) 324-4511 Website: www.ci.rancho-mirage.ca.us Rancho Mirage CA 92270 City Clerk: Cynthia Scott Fax: (760) 324-8830 E-Mail: cscott@ranchomirageca.gov

City of Riverside 3900 Main Street City Manager: Scott Barber Phone: (951) 826-5311 Website: www.riversideca.gov Riverside CA 92522 City Clerk: Colleen J. Nicol Fax: (951) 826-5470 E-Mail: city_clerk@riversideca.gov

City of San Jacinto 595 S. San Jacinto Ave. City Manager: Tim Hults Phone: (951) 487-7330 Website: www.ci.san-jacinto.ca.us San Jacinto CA 92583 City Clerk: Dorothy Chouinard Fax: (951) 654-8021 E-Mail: info@sanjacintoca.us

City of Temecula P.O. Box 9033 City Manager: Bob Johnson Phone: (951) 694-6444 Website: www.cityoftemecula.org Temecula CA 925899033 City Clerk: Susan W. Jones Fax: (951) 694-1999 E-Mail: temecula@cityoftemecula.org

City of Wildomar 23873 Clinton Keith Rd., Suite 111 City Manager: Frank Oviedo Phone: (951) 677-7751 Website: www.cityofwildomar.org Wildomar CA 92595 City Clerk: Debbie Lee Fax: (951) 698-1463 E-Mail: dlee@cityofwildomar.org

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