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30 Year Old Hispanic Male Pepper-Sprayed And Choked-Out By Deputy Sheriff James Steinmeyer To Improve His Carotid Restraint Technique.







Young Man Beaten-Up by Orange County Sheriff Deputies

In San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California, an Orange County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Sheriff responded to a complaint about a 19 year old boy by his grandmother, that her grandson was playing his video games too loudly. When the young man left his house to visit his girlfriend, the Deputy Sheriff who responded to the grandmother’s call saw the young man leave his driveway, and followed the young man’s truck. The Deputy Sheriff pulled-over the young man a few blocks away from his home; claiming vehicle code violations that didn’t exist.


In his police report, the Deputy Sheriff (now a Patrol Sergeant) claimed in his report that after he had pulled the young man over, and that: “I shouted at him several times to remain in his vehicle, but he continued to exit the vehicle and began walking toward me.” In fact, the video shows that the Deputy never told the young man to remain in his vehicle at all, and that all that the Deputy said to the young man when he exited his truck was: “What are you doing? What are you doing” ? Why are you getting out of the car? I will shoot you if you come any closer”, and “Get your f**king hands up.”


In his police report, the Deputy Sheriff claimed: “I ordered him to stop several times, but he failed to comply. He yelled back at me, Why did you stop me? I repeatedly ordered him to stop more than five times when finally he reached the front of my patrol unit. I ordered him to stop several times, but he failed to comply.” As seen in the video, the only time that the Deputy told the young man to stop was his statement: “I will shoot you … if you come any closer.”


In his police report the Deputy stated: “He finally stopped, but would not put his
hands up so that I could see he was unarmed.” This statement also was not true. The video shows that the young man turned-around as ordered, and put his hands up behind his head.


When the second Deputy arrived at the scene and shoved the young man on top of the hood of the patrol car, the young man told the second Deputy that he knew his fifth amendment rights. The second Deputy’s response was: “Your fifth amendment; I’ll tell you what your f**king amendment is; jail asshole.”


While the second began jacking-up the young man’s handcuffed hands up his back, the first Deputy tortured him by pulling his thumb backwards; causing excruciating pain. When the young man screamed-out in pain about his thumb, the second Deputy stated: “Come on, Cry some more you fucking baby”, and “I thought you were a f**king… I thought you were a f**king tough guy.”


Then, while the young man was being tortured and begging for help to a passing motorist, the second Deputy told him five times: “I’m gonna f**k you up”.


Then, as shown in the video at 22:09:46 hours, the first Deputy stated “I think my mic’s on”, and he immediately turned-off his microphone, as shown by the thereafter lack of sound, and by the “M” (for microphone) no longer being displayed on the video.


Thereafter, the second Deputy asked a Community Services Officer at the Aliso Viejo Sheriff’s Department station to erase the video. The young Community Services Officer reported this to his supervisor; the result of which was the criminal prosecution of the second Deputy for attempted destruction of evidence.


Although the Orange County District Attorney’s Office relied on the first Deputy’s police report and prosecuted the young man for, among other things, resisting / obstructing / delaying a peace officer (Penal Code Section 148(a)(1)), when the video recording was brought to the attention of the District Attorney’s Office, the criminal case was dropped against the innocent young man. However, the second Deputy was not prosecuted for torturing the young man (Penal Code Section 149), or for threatening to f**k him up (Penal Code Section 422)


The Orange County Sheriffs Departments reaction? The deputy was promoted to Sergeant. Plaintiff Cory Baima was represented in Federal Court in his Civil Rights case against the County of Orange and the deputies by Newport Beach Police Misconduct AttorneyJerry L. Steering.

Plaintiff’s Exh 20 – Notice of Complaint filed on Cory Baima

Plaintiff’s Exh 22 – Fouste’s Initial Crime Report 2 14 01 – Baima matter

Man And Mom Tackled and Beaten by Three Orange County Sheriff Department Deputies

On New Years Day 2006, a mother hugged her son because she was horrified by the sight of two Orange County Deputy Sheriffs beating and clubbing a handcuffed innocent man in back of the patrol car.

The third deputy arrived at the scene and immediately tackled the man and his mother onto the cement driveway, kicked the mother, and proceeded to beat-up and falsely arrest her son.

The Orange County Sheriffs Departments reaction? The deputy was exonerated for the unprovoked tackling of two innocent people, resulting in the Mother having her head slammed on the cement and kicked-away, and for beating-up and falsely arresting the young man, who was only verbally protesting the Sheriffs Departments beating of a handcuffed man on the ground.

The Orange County Sheriffs Department actually attempted fire the Deputy Sheriff who beat-up the handcuffed man on the ground. However, his arbitration resulted in his being retained. He patrols our streets to this day.

The son who was tackled was charged with resisting arrest, and was found not guilty by and Orange County Jury. The man was represented in the criminal case by Newport Beach Attorney Jerry L. Steering. The man and him Mom were also represented in their Federal Civil Rights case by Mr. Steering.

Young Man Tortured in Jail by Orange County Sheriff’s Department Deputies for Not Answering Questions

After the young man who was tackled and beaten-up by Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputies in front of his home in the early morning hours of New Years Day, 2006, he was falsely arrested and taken to the infamous Orange County Men’s Central Jail, Intake and Release Center. Since he was arrested for getting beaten-up, for resisting his false arrest, the jail deputies always want to let him know that they really appreciate his verbal protest of their fellow deputies actions, by torturing him.


The written police report stated that “all Deputies exited the cell without incident” and that there new “no new injuries”. The video shows otherwise.

Police Report Dated January 1, 2006

Young Woman Tased and Tortured by Orange County Sheriff’s Department Deputies

This young lady was arrested, because the Tustin Police Department found three Vicodin pills in her car that she had a prescription for; just not with her.

When she was taken to the infamous Intake Release Center at the Orange County Central Jail, she protested her arrest. In response to her verbal and righteous protests, the female jail deputies kicked her right in her stitched-up leg that she just had surgery on. The young lady was placed in a cell for several hours.

Hearing her complaining inside of the cell, she was then taken out of her cell at the IRC, smashed against the wall, thrown onto the floor and tased three times in her back by the jail Sergeant; all while she was being pinned down on the floor by four deputies, and while begging for mercy; leaving taser burns on her back, and inflicting great pain and agony to teach her a lesson.

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Deputies Pull Arm Out of Socket with Figure Four Technique

Orange County Sheriff’s Department deputies falsely arrest a young man after he protests his being tortured by the deputies in the field. He is taken to the jail and the jailers are told on intake, that the young man had an attitude problem.

He is forced to walk with excruciatingly tight leg irons on, and when he screams out in agony, his is carried by his upper arms while still handcuffed, in the Intake Release Center of the Men’s Central Jail.

He is then put into a Medical Observation Cell and tortured with the Figure Four Technique, until his right arm actually cracks and pops-out of his shoulder socket.

The Sheriff’s Department has called this particular procedure in the jail cell with this particular young man, “textbook.”

Who’s book are they referring to; the Marquis de Sade?

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Deputies Beat and Tase Man in Restraint Chair

Orange County Sheriffs Department jailers beat, torture and repeatedly tase a misdemeanor arrestee, including putting a spit mask on him and torturing him the now banned OCSD restraint chair.


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